Uniplay List Box Function Example - Alarm Listing Example

Uniplay List Box Function Example - Alarm Listing Example

ALARM (program)
'Alarm message triggered by changing "alarm_number" value.
'Other logic to be done to facilitate this.

DIM clock_alarm1 AS STRING(64)
DIM clock_alarm2 AS STRING(64)
DIM clock_alarm3 AS STRING(64)
DIM clock_alarm4 AS STRING(64)
DIM clock_alarm5 AS STRING(64)
DIM alarm_number AS INTEGER

alarm_number = 0

    DIM alarm AS INTEGER
    WAIT UNTIL alarm_number <> 0

    alarm = alarm_number ' minimize the chance to lose an alarm while processing
    alarm_number = 0

    IF alarm = -1 THEN
        ' clear the alarms
        clock_alarm1 = ""
        clock_alarm2 = ""
        clock_alarm3 = ""
        clock_alarm4 = ""
        clock_alarm5 = ""
    ELSEIF alarm = 1 THEN
        clock_alarm1 = TIME$ + "  001: Safety Not Ready"
    ELSEIF alarm = 2 THEN
        clock_alarm2 = TIME$ + "  002: Drive Error"
    ELSEIF alarm = 3 THEN
        clock_alarm3 = TIME$ + "  003: EtherCat Error"
    ELSEIF alarm = 4 THEN
        clock_alarm4 = TIME$ + "  004: Product Low"
    ELSEIF alarm = 5 THEN
        clock_alarm5 = TIME$ + "  005: Feeder Jammed"

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