Trio Motion Coordinator MC403 sudden axis status error

Trio Motion Coordinator MC403 sudden axis status error

Q: We always come up with “Axis Status: Error” and the active status flag is W (1) – Following error warning range and motor stops nearly instantly with E (8) – Following error exceeds limit.  How can we solve it?

A: With SERVO=OFF, can you make the motor turn with DAC?

DAC = volts * 2048 / 10

(so for 1 volt to the drive, set DAC=204)

A positive DAC must result in the encoder MPOS counting UP.
Negative DAC must give a MPOS counting DOWN.

If the MPOS counts the wrong way, then swtich A and /A connections on the encoder, or set ENCODER_RATIO(-1, 1) or set DAC_SCALE = -1.
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