Recovery SD card file name

Recovery SD card file name

When recovery of a Motion Coordinator with the recovery boot system, a special file name is used for the firmware file on the SD card.

Go to the Trio website, log in and go to the Software->All Firmware page.  Select the firmware for the controller and download the firmware on to the PC.  Rename the firmware file to;
r_664.out for the MC664
r_508.out for the MC508
r_632.out for the MC6N-ECAT
r_900.out for the Flex-6 Nano
r_406.out for the MC404-Z

Format an SD card or micro-SD card to FAT 32.  Copy the .out file on to the SD card and then insert it into the card slot on the Motion Coordinator.  Power up the Motion Coordinator and wait until the firmware installation has finished.  Motion Coordinators that have a display will show a count up as it progresses.  For the Flex-6 Nano and MC404-Z, wait until the Ethernet connection becomes live again.
Remove the SD card and cycle the power.

1. Older Motion Coordinators do not have this recovery function.
2. MC664(X) and MC508 have a recovery mode switch that must be toggled before the recovery can start.  MC508 switch is internal.  MC664 swtich is accessed via the removable cover on case top.
3. MC404-Z, MC6N and Flex-6 Nano have automatic recovery boot function.

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