Analogue drive and Ethercat encoders

Analogue drive and Ethercat encoders

We are considering to install an Ethercat card to the Analog drive only for speed control. Question… Can we close the posisition the loop of an ethercat drive with an external encoder?

Can we use an ADD_DAC function for that?

Answer: Yes it can be done. We had a Distributor recently make the same arrangement. The EtherCAT enocder must be set up as a full axis with ATYPE 66 (CSV mode). That can be done by some setup in an EC_EXTEND file. Note that the encoder will then be see as a full axis and will need a feature enable code to run it.

Alternatively if a normal incremental encoder is used, then set the axis ATYPE to 44. For example on the built-in encoder on the MC6N-ECAT. If a Flex-6 nano is used then the P375 will need a specially configured EC_EXTEND to force the ATYPE 66 axes.
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