TrioPCMotion will not connect

TrioPCMotion will not connect

For an MC403, MC405 or MC464 that refuses to allow a TrioPCMotion ActiveX connection, check that the REMOTE program is not disabled in the flash memory.

Look at the value in REMOTE_PROC. It is a system parameter that is stored in Flash in the MC403, MC405 and MC464. Here is what the TrioBASIC help says:
-1 : Use the highest available process (default)
-2 : Turn off the Active X processing. No connection will be possible when set to this value.
0 to max process : Run on defined process

So if set to -2 then the ActiveX will never connect.
In most other MC4/5/6 Motion Coordinators, the REMOTE_PROC setting must be in MC_CONFIG and is not stored in Flash.
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