MC_CONFIG vs Flash parameters

MC_CONFIG vs Flash parameters

All Motion Coordinators store the IP_ADDRESS, IP_NETMASK and IP_GATEWAY in Flash memory.  So there is usually no need to add them to the MC_CONFIG.

There are some differences with other system parameters.
MC4N-ECAT, MC4N-RTX, MC6N-ECAT, Flex-6 Nano and MC664(X) all use the MC_CONFIG to set all system parameters apart from the above.

MC403, MC403-Z, MC405, MC464, Euro404 and Euro408 all store some system parameters in Flash.
For example:

The above list is not 100% complete.  If a system parameter has been set in MC_CONFIG in these controllers, make sure they are set back to normal and do not assume that simply deleting MC_CONFIG will return them to their default value.
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