Is it possible to create a directory on the SD card using a variable?

Is it possible to create a directory on the SD card using a variable?

Yes it is.

' create a new directroy on the SD card
DIM dirname AS STRING(20)

dirname = "folder1"

FILE "MD" dirname

folder_number = 3
dirname = "Folder" + STR(folder_number, 0)
FILE "MD" dirname


dir d
 Volume is MCCARD
 Volume Serial Number is 7C15-2EFA
 Directory of \
21/Sep/2020 14:59        171 TRIOINIT.BAS TRIOINIT.BAS
12/Sep/2019 11:52 <DIR>      MC_FILES     MC_FILES
28/Sep/2020 13:36 <DIR>      FOLDER1      FOLDER1
28/Sep/2020 13:59 <DIR>      FOLDER3      FOLDER3

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