General EtherCAT Error

General EtherCAT Error

Motion Coordinator reports a General EtherCAT Error with a number.  What does it mean?

Error - General Ethercat Error(8) = invalid data, exceeded maximum telegram length (by attempting  to add too much data into the telegram.)

Error - General Ethercat Error(80) = working counter error, hence incorrect logical command (LRW, LRD, LWR) in configuration or slave not responding correctly.

Error - General Ethercat Error(83) = Master expected a telegram but did not receive one.

Error - General Ethercat Error(104) = incorrect response to startup ESC init command ( eg not all slaves have changed state.)

Error - General Ethercat Error(262144) =  telegram watchdog error ( didn't receive back last transmitted telegram) ( error code 262144 = 0x40000)


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