Following error when using CSP in M753 Control Techniques drives

Following error when using CSP in M753 Control Techniques drives

Target Position is in DAC_OUT in CSP mode
Encoder position is in ENCODER in CSP mode.

Both can be monitored on the scope.

FE is DPOS - MPOS so has a larger value than the real following error due to the EtherCAT cycle time.  Set FE_LIMIT to suit the max FE value that might be seen.

If you want the correct following error value then add the Actual Following Error to the PDO and look at DRIVE_FE.  In that case also set DRIVE_FE_LIMIT.
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      Check FE_LIMIT and DRIVE_FE_LIMIT are set to sensible values. You could watch FE and DRIVE_FE (assuming the Actual Following Error is in the PDO) in the Motion Perfect Scope to see if the change in following error is proportional to speed.
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