Thermocouple Flexslice Module - P367

Thermocouple Flexslice Module - P367

P367 (Basic) Thermocouple Flexslice Module
Attached is the Application Technote and example program to help in getting started.
VR assignment is commented to correspond with the Application Technote.
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      P367 Thermocouple FlexSlice Firmware User Guide This documentation is for use with controller firmware v2.0304 and newer. With this firmware version the controller will identify the P367 module without the need for the use of an imported EC_EXTEND ...
    • AN-420 Thermocouple firmware User Guide

      This document explains the basics of using the Thermocouple temperature acquisition and control Flexslice (P367). V1.0 5th March 2020 For Software rev v1.014 – Created (includes heartbeat description) V2.0 7th April 2020 For Software rev v1.015 – ...
    • Flexslice 24V digital input levels

      The P372 PNP 16 x Digital Input module has input threshold values to work with standard PLC IO systems.  If the input is below 5V then the input is OFF.  If the input is above 15V then the input will register as ON.
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      With the launch of Motion Perfect v5.1 and firmware updates to the P367 Thermocouple device it becomes easier to set up and control your P367 slices. Below is a screen shot showing the Basic Setup screen which easily allows programmers how to ...
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      Trio's Flexslice modules use the a 10-way 3.5mm pitch, push fit connector: 15EDGKN-3.5-10P-13 from Degson. According to the manufacturer's datasheets ( the maximum wire size is ...