Error display Exx - what do they mean?

Error display Exx - what do they mean?

Error Display Codes
Unn Unit error on slot nn - see SYSTEM_ERROR
Ann Axis error on axis nn - see AXISSTATUS
Cnn Configuration error on unit nn ie: too many axes - see SYSTEM_ERROR

Exx processor / memory event - see SYSTEM_ERROR and FLASH_LOG
E00 - RAM error 8bit BB - RAM (VR)
E01 - RAM error 16 bit BB - RAM (TABLE)
E02 - Reserved
E03 - Reserved
E04 - VR/TABLE corrupt entry
E05 – Invalid MC_CONFIG file
E06 – Started in SAFE mode (system timeout)
E07 - FPGA Error
E08 - Flash memory error
E09 - Processor Exception
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