DX4 - Encoder Error A47 on drive

DX4 - Encoder Error A47 on drive

When using an Absolute encoder option on the DX4 drives, if the voltage of the encoder battery is too low (<2.45V) encoder error
A47 will appear on the drive.
Also in the Motor Basic Setup page if you have Absolute Encoder Usage (pn002.2) set to
Absolute (0) with no battery the alarm A47 will also be generated.
Once the faulty battery is replaced you will need to do a reset procedure to clear the latched
alarm condition. Attached is a screen shot showing the sequence to clear alarm state.
1. On the Motor (Axis (x)) tab of the drive there are two Encoder clear error buttons.
    Select and press both of these buttons.
2. Cycle power to the drive to complete the reset sequence.

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