Connector Kits for Motion Coordinators

Connector Kits for Motion Coordinators

Spare connector kits are avaialble from Trio Distributors.  Here is the list of available kits.

P920 - MC664/MC464 Connector Kit
P921 - P876/P871 EtherCAT/RTEX module connector kit
P922 - P879/P874 Flexaxis connector kit
P923 - MC403/MC403-Z connector kit
P924 - MC405 connector kit
P925 - P873 SLM module connector kit
P926 - MC4N-ECAT/RTEX connector kit
P927 - CAN IO module connector kit (for P317, P318, and P319 - also suits P326 and P327 (unmarked))
P928 - EtherCAT Flexslice IO connector kit

For pricing and availability please contact your Trio Distributor.
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