P329 CAN I/O intro guide

AN-411 CAN P329 Intro Guide

Trio CAN 16-IN 16-OUT modules allow I/O expansion for the CAN enabled Trio Motion Coordinators. The P329 module fits in the existing Trio CAN range, providing a single module with 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs.

This document describes explains how to use the P329 CAN IO expansion module

Input channels are opto-isolated 24V, which are designed to be ON when the input voltage is greater than 18 Volts and OFF when the signal voltage is below 2V. The input has a 6k8 resistor in series and so provides a load of approximately 3.5mA at 24V.

Output channels have a protected 24V sourcing output connected to the output pin. The output circuit has electronic over-current protection and thermal protection which shuts the output down when the current exceeds 250mA.

Care should be taken to ensure that the 250mA limit for the output circuit is not exceeded, and that the total load for the group of 8 outputs does not exceed 1 amp.
With no load, the outputs may 'float' up to 24V even when off. Fit a load resistor, for example 10k, when bench testing the outputs of the P329.

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