Using SD card to change IP Address

AN-408 Using SD card to change IP Address

This document explains how to change the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway by using a SD card or micro SD card on Trio Motion Coordinator
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    • Uniplay HMI IP Address Change Using Motion Perfect

      A video is available on our Trio Website showing how to carry out the IP address of your Uniplay 7 or 10 HMI. Please follow this link.
    • SD card sizes

      The max SD card size is firmware dependent. All the MC4/5/6 Motion Coordinators with the latest firmware can handle SD and Micro SD cards up to 64 GB.   The card must be formatted FAT 32.
    • Changing EtherCAT drive address

      There are 3 methods to set the address in the servo-drive; 1 . If there are rotary address switches on the front of the drive, then they may be used to select the address. 2. The address may be set in memory, either via a front panel keypad or ...
    • Recovery SD card file name

      When recovery of a Motion Coordinator with the recovery boot system, a special file name is used for the firmware file on the SD card. Go to the Trio website, log in and go to the Software->All Firmware page.  Select the firmware ...
    • Is it possible to create a directory on the SD card using a variable?

      Yes it is. ' create a new directroy on the SD card DIM dirname AS STRING(20) dirname = "folder1" FILE "MD" dirname folder_number = 3 dirname = "Folder" + STR(folder_number, 0) FILE "MD" dirname   dir d  Volume is MCCARD  Volume Serial Number is ...