Editing the EC_EXTEND file

AN-379 Editing EC_EXTEND file

EC_EXTEND files contain configuration information to allow the Motion Coordinator to start an EtherCAT slave node. It is used when the slave node information is not in the Motion Coordinator’s firmware database, or if a specific PDO configuration is needed that is not covered by the internal database profiles.

This document gives you the guide in editing the EC_EXTEND file.
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      Trio have helped to set up the JXCE1 before. It is not a standard axis as far as the controller is concerned so if you look at the attached EC_EXTEND you will see that all the objects are mapped to VRs and so you must look at the manual and see what ...
    • How to set 0x1A00:0x00 when adding objects to EC_EXTEND SDO init

      When adding a new Object to the PDDO in this case 0x6077:0x00 for Torque Actual Value, the value of 0x1A00:0x00 must be set so that it references all the objects in the PDO inlucing the new one. See below.
    • AN-404 How to Setup Balluff IO-Link device with Trio

      The Balluff BNI 0077 EtherCAT to IO-Link bridge requires a setup profile that configures it for the IO-Link devices connected. A Trio EtherCAT master uses an ENI type file called EC_EXTEND to allow such configuration. This document explains how to ...
    • Festo servo drive

      Can we use CMMT-AS-C2-3A-EC-S1 Festo servo drive with P900? Yes we have an EC_EXTEND file for this drive. See the attachment. Rename it to EC_EXTEND.TXT before using it.
    • Error message regarding EC_EXTEND

      Error message pointing to a line in EC_EXTEND with <! at the start.  Why does it occur? Newer versions of Motion Perfect require the correct syntax for XML comments. For example:       <!-- CoE CW (2), Target Pos (4), Touch probe (2), Digital outputs ...