EtherCAT start - diagnostic information

EtherCAT start - diagnostic information

When reporting an EtherCAT startup error, please send the following information to Trio technical support.

1) The text shown on the terminal after ETHERCAT(0, 0)
For example:
Warning - EtherCAT cable or network not detected (slot 0).

EtherCAT State: Init (0)
EtherCAT State: Pre-Operational (0)
EtherCAT State: Safe-Operational (0)
EtherCAT State: Operational (0)
EtherCAT Configuration (0):
TMCM-6211: 0 : 0 : 1 (0:0:0,1:0:0,2:0:0,3:0:0,4:0:0,5:0:0)

2) The Diagnostic report from Intelligent drives. You get that by double clicking the controller image in Intelligent Drives.

Send the result to
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