Trio MC4N-ECAT, AKD drive torque control

Trio MC4N-ECAT, AKD drive torque control


I have a 4-axis gantry system controlled by a Trio MC4N-ECAT controller and Motion Perfect 4.3. With 4 AKD-x00306/606 servo drivers. I am trying to make a single axis (Z) torque-controlled using an external Force-Torque sensor unit. 

The FT sensor has an analog +/- 10V output interface from which I can get one sensing output and connect it to the +/- 10V  analog setpoint input of the AKD servo drive unit. 

I can see that MP has two Torque control profiles for the AKD drive units, however none of those two include access to the drive unit I/O ports which are necessary for the limit switches and clutch control of the gantry axis. I've attached printouts of a position profile with correct IOs and the torque profile missing the IOs. 

And that's about as far as I got. My questions at this point are as follows. 
  1. How can I get access to the I/Os with a Torque-control Ethercat profile for the AKD drive units?   
  2. How can the AKD drive unit be set to use the analog input interface as the torque setpoint? 
  3. Can this setup be done entirely through Motion Perfect or does it require modifications to the AKD drive units using the AKD Servo Drive WorkBench (or some other AKD software)? 
  4. If it can be done through MP, is there some application note or some other documentation for a similar setup?