MC405 P827 No analog output

MC405 P827 No analog output

 I cannot get an axis to move as wanted. I have 24VDC on the first two pins of I/O connector 2.
My code is simple.
OP(8, ON) ' A test for activity
AOUT(0) = 500
OP(8, OFF)

I have my Yaskawa servo analog control lines connected to third and sixth pin on connector 3.
All I get is drift rotation.
I just removed the control wires and supplied 9v to the servo control and it spins.
I see ~24v on the OP pin as I would expect.
WDOG engages S-ON on my servo.

On Axis Parameters I see no change in Axis Output
I look at Analogue Status  and  I see no Outs.

What am I missing?

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