Look forward to 2022

Look forward to 2022

At Trio we are excited about the up-coming new products to be introduced in 2022 and I hope you will be able to follow our news and announcements as they come.  We encourage you to sign up to the Trio E-Zine.  We don't send too many emails out only one or 2 per month and it is a good way to keep up to date.

The support web pages includes this community forum, a knowledge base and a way to send your questions to the Trio Motion support team.  The Trio team do not answer community posts, the community is for Trio users to discuss bertween themselves, the programming of and applying Trio products on machines.

If you have a technical question for the Trio support team, please post a Ticket to us.  We usually answer within 48 hours, apart from during major holidays like this end of year holiday period.  (24 Dec 2021 to 3 January 2022)

WIshing all Trio customers a peaceful holiday and a very happy new year.

The Trio Applications Team